Ero Architects atelier has been founded in 2010 by Sina Ehsani and Amir Akbarzad.

As the company's strategy includes both design and execution, Ero Architects has made a mutual trust with the clients knowing both economic and technical parameters of the projects.

We are an award winning architectural office and some of our works are the winners and finalists in Iranian and International awards and also architectural competitions. In addition, some of our projects have been published in valid Iranian and international websites and magazines.

Ero Architects has the approach of modern and timeless architecture and thinks about the relation between form and material and building technics.

Here some of our awards are listed below:

 - "Orange Garden Villa": Appreciated in Me'mar award (2017)

 - "White Bird Park": Finalist of 2AAA (2017) - "White Bird Park": Finalist of WAF (2017)

 - "Orange Garden Villa": Appreciated in 2ACAA award (2019)

- "Ar – Rowdatain Hotel": Winner – 2nd Place (2015)

 - "Khorramshahr War Museum": Selected Project (2012)

- "SattarKhan Cemetery": Winner – 2nd Place (2016)

 - "SepidBar Apartment", "White Bird Park", "Brutal Variety", "Dorsa Home Shops": Semi Finalists of Me'mar Award (2016-2017)

- "Brutal Variety": Candidate to be Arch Daily's project of the year





Leading Architect:

Sina Ehsani

Architect (Ph.D.) and researcher

The founding member of Ero Architects Atelier located in Tehran – Iran.

As the leading architect, he has planned the office's designing method based on a modern, timeless and structural vision.

His research career includes Iranian contemporary architecture, participatory/community architecture, prefabrication and the architecture of slums and informal settlements and extendable designing language. His Ph.D. thesis is about the mechanism of participation in the informal settlements of Iran.


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